Lucy Summers

Piercing Artist

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About Lucy

Originally from Edinburgh, Lucy's love for body modification began around the age of 15 when she moved to Falkirk with her family. As a teenager she'd often be found hanging around the Heaven 'n' Hell studio at the weekends, pestering Mary to take her on as a piercing apprentice, which in 2018, she finally caved in, and did.

Lucy loves the amount of interest in piercing in Falkirk and the great customer relationships she's been able to build, old and new. Her favourite part of the job is getting to know her clients, the usual banter, and putting them at ease if they are nervous, but most of all seeing how happy they are with their new piercings. She is particularly fond of ear projects, and working to enhance the anatomy they already have, giving them something truly unique.

When Lucy isn't piercing you'll find her caring for her animals, she has four horses that she enjoys hacking out with friends and family. She also breeds rats and has a hyperactive border collie called Ginny, who's never far from her side.

Something you might not know about Lucy is that when she was 20 she was Scotland's youngest female taxi driver! How's that for an accolade!?

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