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About Beth

Beth is originally from Manchester, and as a kid grew up obsessed with LA Ink and Miami ink, which is where her passion for tattoos began. She studied Art and Graphic Design up until University at which point she took up Biological Sciences at Lancaster University for a few years. She quite quickly realized she preferred art to test tubes and centrifuges and began her tattoo career in 2017.  

Beth came to Falkirk for a fresh start after having moved all over the UK and Spain, but realizing she hadn’t experienced Scotland properly yet.  

She says the Falkirk clients are great and loves that one day someone is getting a traditional tattoo with bold lines and bright colours and the next day you could be doing realism with lots of soft shading, though her personal favourite style is dot-work.  

She swears by her Chyenne Hawk machine that has never yet failed her, as well as the Eternal Inks range, with their Lipstick red being her favorite colour. She says the best area to tattoo is the calf because the skin takes ink super well and the area is nice and flat to work on.

Though she doesn’t have a favourite song or band to work to, she’s generally quite content as long as The Prodigy isn’t being played somewhere within earshot. In her spare time she enjoys indulging in the horrendously cheesy, low-budget world of B-Movies, that she claims are hilarious, though few seem to share this view.

Something that you might not know about Beth is that she used to operate rollercoasters in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, because somehow she managed to convince someone somewhere that she could be trusted with heavy machinery.

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